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With Brexit just a couple of years away, it's an opportune time to head onto the continent before any roadblocks are put up. The island of Tenerife is nominally part of Spain but - a few miles off the west coast of Africa - boasts a climate usually only found in the tropic. With a long tradition of tourism, it's also perfect for families or couples looking for an all-inclusive getaway.

Getting there

Flying from the UK to the Canary Islands is among the longer routes within Europe, but it still only takes around six hours - so you can get away with opting for a budget airline if you need to.

British Airways, RyanAir, Iberia, Norwegian Air, Thomas Cook and Thomson are among the major airlines running services from the UK - although it's rare that they operate directly from Heathrow. RyanAir do, however, run services from some of the less prominent airports in the north of England, such as Manchester and Newcastle.

When it comes to touching down, there are two airports serving Tenerife. The northern airport enjoys less traffic due to its location: it's situated within the island's sleepy countryside, away from the bright lights of the south coast. Most will want to land right amongst it at the southern airport - but going off the beaten track is also an option if you enjoy exploring before setting up base.

Our advice - Fly with Iberia, land in the north and take the scenic route down to your hotel - it's only an hour's drive from one side of the island to the other.


Tenerife has a booming tourism industry that welcomes millions a visitors a year and, although that does mean congestion from time to time, it's also helped cultivate a wide selection of hotels to choose from - whether you're looking for a five-star boutiques to family resorts. We've picked out just a handful below.

Budget option - Hotel Zentrar Centre

If you really want to stretch your budget and you don't mind going without pillow top chocolates and a sauna, the Zentrar comes highly recommended for long weekends (or, simply, a place to sleep for students looking to enjoy Tenerife's nightlife). Roughly £70 per night.

Family friendly option - Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel

With an enormous swimming pool and suites so close to the seafront you can probably throw a stone into the waves from your balcony, the Iberostar is perfect for families with kids of around 8 to 13 years. For what you're getting, the prices are also pretty generous. Roughly £120 per night.

The luxury option - Costa Adeje Palace

For couples without any kids, Costa Adeje Palace is a medium-sized hotel with seafront views and plenty of quiet garden space in which to relax and unwind. It's a little pricey but you're paying for attentive staff and a gorgeous location. Roughly £160 per night.

Our advice - Keep it simple and - importantly - keep your costs down. Tenerife has so much to explore and you won't be spending much time at your hotel.


Tenerife caters for party-going twenty-somethings and the more adventurous holidaymakers looking to get in touch with their natural side. Below are a few of the attractions you might want to add to your bucket list.

Teide National Park

Much of the Canary Islands' appeal is owed to its volcanoes, and Tenerife's Teide National Park - with its cable cars and hiking trail - is the perfect place from which to enjoy them.

Loro Parque

One of Southern Europe's most popular theme parks - and the perfect place to kill a few hours with the kids.

The Patch

"The Patch", as it's known locally, is essentially a bustling strip of clubs and pubs in the south of the island. If you enjoy cheap booze and letting your hair down, this is the place to go.

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