A guide to saving on Summer holidays

If you’re yet to book your summer holiday then you’ve arrived at this guide just in time. Here we tell you all about how you can make a saving on booking your summer holiday.

Booking elements of your holiday separately

Many consider that package holidays offer the best deal in terms of price bands. However booking the elements of your holiday separately can very often see you making what can be significant savings. If you do choose to go with a package holiday then the cheapest destinations at the moment are Egypt and Turkey.

Fly overnight

If you’re booking your flights separately then bear in mind that overnight flights tend to be cheaper than daytime flights. As well as this it may also make for sleepier (and calmer) children, what’s not to like? Lastly mid-week flights are cheaper than those that at the weekend.

Choosing the right time to travel

Whilst summertime will always be the most expensive time of year to holiday choosing the time of travelling during the summer can make a difference to the price you pay. The cheapest time in summer to book is as close as possible to the re-start of term. Don’t get tempted to travel during term time as this can see you landing in trouble with newly laid laws in relation to pupils missing school for holidays.

Starting with holiday search engines

To start your holiday search you should begin with one of the major holiday search engines. Here you’ll be able to type in a few bits of information to see what’s available. Whilst you can then filter the results to start with the cheapest first, you should take care to thoroughly investigate any hotel or accommodation you find prior to booking.

Checking travel review websites

Travel review websites are perfect for giving you a full idea of what the hotel or accommodation is really like. These websites will also help you virtually explore the area that you’re looking at. This is particularly important as you need to ensure the region offers the types of activity that you’ll be interested in.

Thinking about spending money

Whilst you may find that the flights and/or hotels for a destination to be of a reasonable price you need to think about your spending money once you there. First and foremost you should check how strong the pound is against that given currency. As the world is still in uncertain financial position, this can change on relatively frequent basis.

As well as this you should do some research on how much staple items and activities are, such as food, cigarettes (if you smoke), alcohol and eating out.




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