A consumer’s guide to rail theatre breaks

If you’ve chosen to opt for a rail theatre break rather than coach theatre break then you’ll inevitably need to expect to pay a little more. Travelling by rail is inherently more expensive than by coach, however it’s also faster, more convenient and generally more comfortable. With rail theatre breaks becoming ever more popular for these reasons we’ve written this guide to help you search out the best deal.

Getting the best deal on your rail theatre breaks

Complete package versus rail and theatre ticket only

Where some providers offer a complete package of hotel theatre and rail tickets others only bundle the rail and theatre tickets together. Whilst the former may see you making an overall saving you’ll need to think about whether you want to leave the choice of accommodation up to the rail theatre break organiser. If you choose to book your hotel separately then use a hotel price search engine to find the best deal.

Group coupon websites

If you’re not looking to purchase immediately then it may pay you to take a look at the various group coupon websites out there. Such websites run rail theatre breaks every now and then and when they do have such deals on they can see you making a considerable saving.

Booking in a group

If you’re travelling in a group then you should call a few providers directly to see if they’re able to offer any discounts. This may be especially beneficial where you’re booking the hotel, theatre and rail tickets all together.

Other factors to consider when booking your rail theatre breaks

Sightseeing and eating out

If you’re staying for a considerable amount of time then it may be worthwhile undertaking a little research as to what else there is around to do and where the best places to eat are. Consumer review travel websites are perfect for this and can help you pick out these places in a matter of minutes.

Finding your way

Rail theatre breaks differ to coach theatre breaks in that they expect you to travel alone. So don’t expect anyone to be waiting at the station to explain where your stops are or which platform you have to use. In particular it may be worthwhile undertaking a little research as to the underground in London, which can be particularly confusing for first time travellers (unfortunately it’s also the most convenient way to travel around London).

Of course you’ll also need to bear in mind that you’ll have to be at the station for travelling back in good time; rail theatre break providers won’t pay for additional tickets should you arrive late and miss your return train.

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