Flying from London to Stockholm

The Swedish capital may not have the warm climate of holiday resorts along the Med, but there's a reason Stockholm consistently ranks among the top tourist destinations in Europe.

Like London, Stockholm is home to some of the world's most presitigious art collections, and has a rich heritage of royal palaces together with the best of modern design (seriously, if you need to fill half an hour, Ericsson Globe's SkyView will not let you down). Unlike London, however, it's also affordable

Participating airlines

Heathrow: British Airways, Scandinavian Airways

Gatwick: Norwegian

Stanstead: RyanAir

Luton: RyanAir

At roughly 2 hours 15 minutes, London to Stockholm is among the longer internal European flights - but it's still a fairly short trip, so your priority should be affordability rather than comfort.

Scandinavian Airways (abbreviated SAS) offer a service to match the hospitality you can expect once you touch down in Sweden. This means transparency in their fees, attentive cabin crew and, above all, good timing (SAS have won the 'Most Punctual Airline' award within the last six years).

If you're looking to cut costs, RyanAir run discount services from Stanstead and Luton, but remember that Stockholm is served by three airports, and the low cost carriers are going to leave you a considerable drive from the city.

Touching down

Stockholm Arlanda is the closest airport to Stockholm, but it's still a bit of a trek at around 23 miles north of the capital. The good news is there's a high speed rail link to the city centre, which means you can get there in around 20 minutes without too much extra cost.

Further north, there's Stockholm Vasteras, and to the south Stockholm Skavsta. These are both rather dubiously named airports which are actually around 70 miles from the city. If you're prepared to put in some extra road time, you can rent a car from the airport - Swedish roads aren't too difficult to navigate - and make it there in around an hour and a half.

Price guide

Scandinavia is known for its dark winters and icey tracks, but Stockholm is also paradoxically among the sunniest cities in northern Europe - this means the tourist season tends to coincide with the traditional summer months.

If you fly with Scandinavia Airways you can expect to pay around £80 for a standard one-way ticket at peak times. There may be cheaper ones available too: despite having a slight whiff of luxury, SAS also run their own low-cost service aimed at competing with RyanAir et al.

The cheapest Stockholm ticket Skyscanner found in 2015 was less than £30, albeit in October (which is predictably among the worst times you can go if you're looking for sunshine).

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