Late Hotel Bookings & Deals

According to a recent PWC UK hotels forecast report, 2013-2014 may be the year for catching up with the lost revenues. This is good news for the hotel industry, but it may not fare well with hotel guests. With the Olympics loom now over, there are chances that hotel prices may go up once again anyway. While the occupancy rates across the United Kingdom will remain lower than last year, better economic conditions will entice lodgings to raise their base price.

The Mechanics Behind the Late Bookings

For savvy travellers who are accustomed to these variations, it is time to revert to smart shopping. Contrary to the norm, late hotel bookings may be the answer to the solution. The concept may surprise readers who are accustomed to recommendations from experts who insist that hotel guests should book in advance. Yet, hoteliers know that hotels have always spare rooms that go unsold. Traditionally, hotels would wait for clients to check-in and offer them a bargain price if they haven't booked in advance. The downside to these kinds of bookings was that most of these rooms would be located somewhere deep inside the hotel building. As for those who booked in advance, they could get their hands on the preferred corner rooms.

Last-Minute Hotel Booking Websites

Times have changed because Internet has provided consumers a chance to compete favourably. Now, hotel owners are aware that if they stick to the traditional policy of offering a closet-type room, their reputation will likely suffer. Moreover, there is always a tendency for consumers to book a hotel room with another nearby property. Therefore, late hotel bookings have become as competitive as standard bookings. Now, consumers can compare several room offers from websites offering last-minute deals. Some websites even offer an option to select the type of room. Most often, last-minute prices are much cheaper than the retail price offered on well-known travel websites.

What to Do at the Last Minute?

As a last resort, you can always walk in a hotel to check the price. If the price is in your budget, just make sure that you specifically ask hotel managers to accommodate you in one of the nicer rooms. Those who work in the hospitality industry know that front-desk managers are likely to address your concerns if they have vacant rooms. You can actually ask them to let you visit the room before making a decision. This will prompt the front-desk officer to offer you a nice room. If the trick doesn't work, then don't hesitate to go to another property. Remember, there is a stiff competition in the hotel industry, and as a customer, you are The King.

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