Flights to Sydney, Australia: a useful guide.

With names like Wallongong, Toowoomba and Albury-Wodonga, who wouldn’t want to go to Australia? (Just ignore the spiders). With a population of just 23,500,000 (give or take a couple) and an area that is 7,686,850Km² space is not limited! As some perspective, the UK has a population of nearly 61,000,000 and a land area equal to 244,820Km².

Flying to Sydney is a big deal, it’s a very long way and an even longer flight; the shortest flight from the UK takes approximately 23 hours and stops just the once, others can take just over 24 hours and stop twice, you’ll definitely need those DVT socks!

The Internet comes to the rescue again

There are hundreds of companies advertising thousands of flights online, the average prices seem to range from around £500 to £800, although we did see one company offering a figure of just £269 (perhaps a pair of Icarus’ wings are an optional extra?).

We find the usual choices of companies and comparison sites vying for your attention, some with headline grabbing figures, some now actually advertising ‘speak to a real person!’ as though that is a futuristic idea. Although sadly, in this day and age, it certainly is different.

With the advent of real consumer views and reports, your choice of airline doesn’t have to be dictated by price alone, you can now make an informed choice as to where to spend your money.

Book your seats

As well as making the actual booking of the flights somewhat easier, the Internet also enables you to actually choose your seating, especially useful if you just HAVE to be by the window or nearest the toilet or even just making sure that your family aren’t randomly scattered around the aircraft.

What to expect

Assuming that you aren’t travelling with ‘Pigeon Air’, leg room on such a long haul flight should be just about acceptable, even in the cheapest of cheap seats. If there is something not to your liking, a quiet word with the crew will work out better than shouting and screaming, remember this point especially if you happen to be stuck next to someone that seems to have dodged any form of personal hygiene education. Whilst you may be able to put up with it for an hour or so, we can guarantee that patience starts wearing a little thin after 20 hours in the same seat.

Keep all relevant documentation handy, you really don’t want to be routing through all of your baggage to find your tickets and passport, equally, don’t leave your passport somewhere really handy like the seat pocket right in front of you, that really isn’t a bright idea (sorry for the delay).

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