Your Guide To Booking Family Holidays

When most people think of the word holiday, they imagine romantic walks along the beach, candle-lit dinners and on-demand room service. Family vacations are more or less the same, except they tend to involve impromptu toilet breaks, regimented activity clubs and insane water slides. You get the idea: they're for the kids, not you.

Below is our pick of the best holiday destinations for globe-trotting families:


Home of DisneyWorld, SeaWorld, and some of the best outdoor space in all of North America, the Sunshine State has a little something for the whole family. It's an expensive undertaking, but a few weeks in Florida is a genuinely unforgettable experience.


Don't forget about America's West Coast either. California has its own take on Disney-themed fun in the shape of Anaheim's Adventure Park. Add to that stunning beaches, wicked rollercoasters and a sprinkle of Hollywood magic and you've got one hell of a family vacation.


True, a relaxing vacation doesn't usually go hand in hand with a bustling urban metropolis like Vancouver, but - with some of the world's best ski slopes and the opportunity to sample live ice hockey in all its exhilarating glory - the Canadian capital has plenty to offer an active and adventurous family.

The Algarve

Portugal's stunning south coast is home to some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, and locals have worked hard to cultivate a booming tourist industry therein. From thrilling water sports to charming fishing villages - and the country is small enough that you can see it all in just a couple of weeks.


Europe's cultural capital is generally associated with romantic trips for two but it also doubles as an outpost for young families if you have some spending money (bear in mind there are plenty of savings to be made on the cost of travel). In simple terms: it's DisneyLand for the little ones and high-brow museums for the adults - win-win.

Canary Islands

Nominally, these autonomous Spanish islands are a part of Europe, but the climate is distinctly African. If you are looking for sun, sand and sea, there is no better destination than the Canary Islands, which despite its reputation, is much more than just a retirement home for elderly British expats.

Dominican Republic

By far and away the Caribbean's most popular tourist destination, the Dominican Republic resembles the setting of one of those old Bond movies, with golden sand, palm trees and crystal clear sea. If that sounds too relaxing, then fear not: there's also jet-skiing and scuba diving to set your pulses racing.


Recent economic troubles have made Greece a dubious holiday destination for some, but don't let the fear-mongering put you off. The island of Crete is home to some stunning coastline, hospitable locals, mouth-watering cuisine and the remnants of one of the world's great early civilisations.

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