EasyJet Flights: A Guide to Getting the Best Deal

EasyJet is one of the best known and most popular budget airlines flying from the UK. The Luton-based airline carried more than 60 million passengers last year and continues to thrive as holidaymakers and business travellers try to keep down the cost of their flights.

However, booking an EasyJet flight can seem like a minefield unless you’re a seasoned budget airline traveller. You are likely to find that fares fluctuate, extra charges bump up the price of the basic fare, there are strict baggage restrictions and many of the departure and arrival airports are in less than convenient locations. Having said that, if you can work the system there are some great budget fares available, leaving you with more money to spend at your holiday or business trip destination.

Which UK airports does EasyJet fly from?

EasyJet flies from a large number of UK airports including busier airports such as London Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Stansted and Belfast and smaller airports such as Bristol, Aberdeen, Southend and Newcastle plus, of course, Luton airport which is where the company is based. Not all destinations are served from all airports – some of the smaller airports may only fly to a handful of destinations.

How do I find the best fares?

Like many travel companies, the earlier you book your ticket the more likely you are to get the best price – as demand for seats for an individual flight goes up, so does the fare. EasyJet releases seats for sale at four different times in the year, usually 9 – 11 months in advance, eg seats for September and October 2016 should be released mid-December 2015.

Those in the know will have signed up to EasyJet’s email alerts and will have liked the company’s Facebook page to ensure they get a tip off that the next tranche of tickets are about to be released. If you can buy your tickets as soon as they are released (and we are talking hours, not days here) you should get a great deal.

Usually, the more seats sold on a flight the higher the fare for the remaining seats so the nearer you leave it to your departure date, the more you will pay for your ticket. However, that rule is not 100 per cent reliable – EasyJet does hold occasional sales and fares do sometimes fluctuate and fall as well as rise. If you find that the basic fare you paid for your seat (ie not including all the extra charges) has fallen and you booked directly with EasyJet you can call the customer service department and they will refund you the difference in a credit note. However, this does not apply if the fare has fallen due to being included in a sale.

Can I choose my seat?

EasyJet offers an option to pay extra to choose your seat on a flight; the charge varies depending on the flight. However, passengers can check in for their flight up to 30 days beforehand and receive their seating allocation, avoiding the anxiety of checking in on the day and wondering whether your party will be seated together. EasyJet promises it will do its best to seat families with children together but encourages these passengers to check in as early as possible while there are still plenty of seats available for allocation.

Can I take hold and cabin baggage?

Like most budget airlines, EasyJet charges extra for hold baggage. The charge ranges from £12 to £22 per bag depending on the flight route if the bag is booked at the same time as the ticket. Hold bags are limited to a maximum total size of 275mm and a maximum weight of 20kg. If you haven’t booked your hold luggage beforehand, the charge will be higher at the airport.

EasyJet has reduced its cabin baggage allowance recently. Passengers can no longer take on board a small handbag in addition to the cabin bag, although they can take a bag of duty free shopping on board as well as their cabin bag. Passengers who pay extra for a Flexi fare, Upfront or Extra Legroom seat are still allowed the extra handbag or laptop, as are EasyJet Plus members.

Cabin bags can be no larger than 56 x 45 x25cm including any handles and wheels. If they are too big, they will have to be checked into the hold and paid for. You will be asked to ensure your bag fits in the measuring gauge at the check-in desk so make sure you measure the bag’s dimensions after you’ve packed it as well as when it’s empty – passengers trying to squeeze their overfull and clearly too large bag into the gauge is always a source of amusement to onlookers!

The good news is that unlike some other airlines, EasyJet imposes no weight restriction on the cabin luggage. It does mean that with careful packing, it is possible to travel with just a cabin bag, keeping the flight cost down. However, be aware that if you’re at the back of the queue for boarding and the overhead lockers are full, your bag may be taken from you and put in the hold. It may be worth packing a small bag in your cabin bag so you can take out any travel essentials for the plane if you need to.

What if I have special requirements?

If you are travelling with infants or small children, have a disability or are travelling with someone with a disability, or need to travel with an unusual item it’s worth making this known to EasyJet at the time of booking so they can accommodate you during the boarding process. There is more information on the EasyJet website at http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/preparing-to-fly/flying-with-children and http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/preparing-to-fly/special-assistance.

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