A buyer’s guide to channel tunnel tickets

Travelling by channel tunnel is regarded as one of the most convenient and cost effective ways of crossing the channel between the UK and France. With a journey time of around 30 minutes, thousands of travellers choose this method over flying each and every year.

If you’re looking to book channel tunnel tickets in the near future then this guide will talk you through some tips that could see you saving even more money.

Saving money on your channel tunnel tickets

Choosing your ticket type carefully

Today there are more choices than ever when it comes to the range of channel tickets available. For the 1 or 2 day trip you can choose the Day Trip and Overnight ticket; for a short break (but longer than 1 or two days) then the Short Stay Saver will be most suitable. If you need a little flexibility to your travel arrangements when taking a short break then the Short Stay Flexiplus will give you the option of turning up at any time on a set date for travel.

If you’re looking for a one way ticket, or are taking a longer holiday then the Single or Long Stay ticket will be most suitable and for those that need complete flexibility for their long holiday there’s the Flexiplus.

The final two ticket types are for those who travel often, the Frequent Traveler and the Frequent Traveller Plus can cut down the cost of travelling by allowing you to, effectively, buy in bulk. For this deal you’ll need to purchase ten tickets in one go.

Choosing to travel at non-peak times

Tickets for the Channel Tunnel will, like all other forms of travel, peak around school holiday times. Therefore you should try to avoid these times.

Other factors to consider when travelling by Channel tunnel

Choosing between on on foot travel or with-car

There is obviously a pretty significant difference between travelling with your car and travelling on foot (although not so much to justify a hire car at the other end). If you don’t need your car then opt for on foot travel. You should also note that all prices are ‘per car’ which accounts for anything up to 9 passengers.

Taking your pet along

Whilst this method of travel proves to be a favourite for those taking their pets on holiday, not all consumers are aware that they have this option. Currently the prices for travelling with a pet attracts a small premium that is priced from £16 per pet each way.

Travelling from the UK into France as you end destination no longer requires your pet gets blood tested; however if you’re travelling onwards from France you’ll need to check if this is required (the blood test itself is to check your pet for conditions such as rabies).

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