Choose Benidorm for your holiday

Little is more exciting than an off-season holiday, especially if you work or live in the heart of a bustling city. Spain, this oft-regarded summer destination, has its special charm in all other seasons as well, especially for Brits. Its "summer" resorts offer clear skies year-round and mild weather even when it is freezing cold elsewhere in Europe. Benidorm is among the Spanish resorts you should definitely consider, if because prices are more than acceptable, the beach strip is still as long and there are thousands of places for eating and drinking to choose from.

Book early

If you wish to have a holiday which is not only nice but also cheap, you have to check for available offers some time in advance. The earlier you choose and book, the greater the chance that you get a cost which is timesfold cheaper than if you booked the same holiday a few days prior to departure.

Choose a tour operator

Many tour operators, due to their sheer size and scale, enjoy exclusive accommodation agreements with many hotels which, among others, offer them rooms at a discount. This explains why some tour operators have very attractive offers for excellent rooms in top-rated hotels with amenities and services on end. Smaller operators, for their part, can offer you a hotel cuddled in the outskirts of a resort, thus helping you enjoy an atmosphere of intimacy and calm. Choose an operator depending on your needs.

With or without an airfare

You might likely choose a package which includes both your stay and your round-trip ticket yet if you have a favourite airline, then see when and how it flies. If you are especially sensitive in terms of price or timing of the flight, then you should think of booking for a hotel and a flight independently. gives you a shortcut to the cheapest offers and immediately informs you of the specifics of each single hotel, whether it is suitable for families, couples, whether it is calm or creates elation over the continual people buzz.

With Trivago, on the other hand and its immense hotel list, you can spend hours and hours choosing a hotel, reading reviews and comparing offers. You can filter the offers by operator, proximity to the city centre and there's no chance that you are misled with prices. They are shown right away.

With On the Beach, it is easy to choose a hotel and a flight at a time, an excellent option for clients who love to buy on impulse. As an extra, you can also see which British airports support flights to Alicante, the nearby airport.

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