A buyer’s guide to beach holidays

If you’re planning ahead for your summer holidays then now may be the right time to pick up some tips on saving money on beach holidays. This guide talks you through the things that you can do to ensure that you get the best beach holiday deal.

Saving money on beach holidays

Booking last minute

Whilst booking last minute can be nerve wracking it can save you significant amounts on your holiday, particularly if you leave your options completely open as to where you go.

Booking your flight and hotel separately

Whilst many are tempted to book package holidays for ease, you should consider that purchasing your flight tickets and hotel separately can net you a significant saving. Using flight and hotel price comparison engines makes this job a whole lot easier.

Looking into the cheaper destinations

Currently Turkey, Greece and Spain make for the cheapest destinations for beach holidays. But these may change from time to time, so be sure to do your online research or ask your travel agent for advice.

Considering spending money and currency exchange rates

Thinking about the amount of spending money you will need is essential if you’re to have a good holiday. However you also need to think about how the currency exchange rates will affect your spending power. Be sure to check out how the pound is fairing at the time of booking and whether the currency is stable. Not doing so could see you having a shock come holiday time.

Thinking about the cost of everyday items

The cost of living inevitably varies from country to country and whilst some destinations will see you buying alcohol, cigarettes and groceries at significantly cheaper prices than in the UK, other places can actually see you paying more.

Going all inclusive

Whilst all inclusive holidays seem expensive at the point of sale you need to weigh up the initial cost with the cost of going self catering or half board and paying for additional drinks and food on a daily basis.

Factors to consider when booking your beach holiday

Do you need to holiday during school break times?

With so many people having to wait until the 6 weeks holidays for their break the additional premiums can make for holidays prices that put some firmly out of their price bracket. If you’re concerned that this is the case then don’t be tempted to holiday during term time. Changes in the law mean that you’ll undoubtedly face significant charges per family member through local authority fines.

You should find however that holidays that are booked towards the end of the school summer holidays make for cheaper deals overall than at any other time during the six weeks.

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