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Whilst most people's idea of an ideal journey probably doesn't involve hopping flights at 2AM, transfers are becoming an increasingly common part of modern day air travel. That means you need to know how you're going to get from A to B, especially when you're organising everything yourself.

Your options

Modern airports - apart from a few rare examples - tend to have the infrastructure (by which we mean an integrated public transport service) to get you from one airport to the other in *relatively* quick time and for a *relatively* affordable price.

The problem is it's not always the best option for your circumstances. If you're travelling solo, with just a bit of hand luggage, then it should be fine, but transferring the whole family and a couple of wardrobes worth of clothes is a different matter.

The airport service won't necessarily have the space to accommodate your load, and if it's a late landing the kids could be exhausted and become agitated if they have to wait for the next shuttle (and then have to deal with cramped conditions on board).

In these circumstances, you should probably consider your own private travel arrangements.

Public vs private

As above, the primary benefits of private transfers are comfort and space - but there's also time constraints to consider. Taxis will get you across the city a lot more quickly - which is obviously important if your connecting flight is due to take off soon after your first one lands.

Obviously, when it comes to private services we're talking about some considerable extra cost - but the good news is you're no longer at the mercy of unscrupulous taxi drivers.

By using a service like Uber (which now has a strong presence at most of the world's major airports) you can make sure you've got a taxi ready for when you land and you have the safety net of knowing you're travelling with a creditable company (and a driver who knows the value of a good customer satisfaction rating).

For even more flexibility, you can also consider renting a car for the short drive. As above, though, we don't recommend arranging this from a kiosk at the airport itself, as this is where prices will be at their highest. Book in advance, and put in the legwork to make sure your company comes highly recommended by fellow passengers.

Don't completely rule out a public transfer though: ultimately, it comes down to how good, and viable, the service at a particular airport is (and some are much better than others). Trains and coaches can sometimes have the space to store your luggage, and even if they don't you can always consider - if you're travelling in a big group - splitting your contingent between a couple of load-handlers and everyone else (with the latter taking public transport).

One final tip is to make sure you're fully briefed on what is and isn't included in the cost of your service. Not all transfer drivers are going to help you carry your luggage to and from the terminals, and some may give you a non-negotiable time by which you need to be at the collection point.

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